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Consultation and Surgery Fees (2022)

Fees charged to medical aid schemes will attract the copayments specified below.

Gynaecology consultation

  • First visit: From R500
  • Following visits: R350

Private gynaecology consultation

  • First visit: R1,800
  • Following visits: R1,200
  • Unscheduled emergency: R2,300

Pregnancy consultation with ultrasound

  • First visit: From R1000
  • Following visits: From R800

Private pregnancy consultation with ultrasound

  • First visit: R2,000
  • Following visits: R1,500
  • Unscheduled emergency: R2,500

Delivery (labour)

  • Normal birth: R16,000
  • Caesarian section: R16,000

Surgical procedures

  • Gynaecological: R2,000
  • Normal births: R14,000
  • Caesarian sections: R11,000


  • Motivation letter: R400
  • Chronic medication motivation: R400
  • Repeat script: R250

Important regarding your account:

You are ultimately responsible for your account including all outstanding amounts not paid by your medical aid for whatever reason. For all billing related questions please call the practice and speak with Marinda Kruger.

For any tests (pap smear, blood, or biopsies) that we send to the pathologists: they will send the bill to your medical aid. If your medical aid doesn’t pay you will be responsible for the outstanding amount. The outstanding amount will be payable at the lab and not our offices and is not included in our fees.

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